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How to know you are getting a good massage

A good massage can make you feel a lot better and help you relax. But how do you know you are getting a good quality massage, here are some simple tips to help you. A good massage

Spa Treatments

By Garden Retreat Spa There are many services offered by New York massage parlors today, apart from massage. Some spas offer unusual offerings like energy work, ayurvedic consultations, tarot card readings and thalassotherapy. While medical spas offer

Your guide to a Traditional Korean Massage

By Garden Retreat Spa A traditional Korean massage NYC, includes techniques from Asian massages with more involvement of the thumb, elbow and fingertip pressure. Korean massages use different techniques from shiatsu and reflexology to Japanese practices. Like

Cosmetic Dentistry with a Natural Twist

Increasingly, people are searching for natural solutions to their problems that will not introduce toxins into their bodies or their environment. A Glendora holistic dental practice is a dental provider who will approach dentistry in terms of

The many benefits of Massage Therapy

Written by Garden Retreat Spa In modern times, one of the most pressing issue is that of stress. Due to time constraints and ever longer workdays levels of stress and stress induced illnesses are on the rise.

How a Massage Is Good for the Mind

By Garden Retreat Spa When you think about how you could secure better mental wellbeing, what comes to mind? If you’re like a lot of people, you probably think about seeing a therapist, reading a self help

Massage Therapy: A Healthy Impact

Massage therapy has often been regarded as one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and soreness. But, did you know that a therapeutic massage has been used to promote better health and well-being? It’s true,

You Could Be One Massage Away from Better Health

By Garden Retreat Spa For most people, getting a professional massage from an experienced masseuse at a spa is something that only happens when a loved one gifts this kind of experience. This is unfortunate, of course.

Feel Renewed After a Spa Massage

By Garden Retreat Spa All of us put in long hours these days and often even longer weeks. If you have kids, your weekends don’t provide much relaxation at all, do they? So it’s important that you

The Wrong Chair Drive Customers Away

Written byComfort Soul If you run a salon or spa, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your business. Chances are, you’ve considered a lot of the typical solutions like hiring better employees or