How to know you are getting a good massage

A good massage can make you feel a lot better and help you relax. But how do you know you are getting a good quality massage, here are some simple tips to help you.

A good massage starts before you walk in the door – If you are a professional who lives a busy life, you will want a helpful receptionist to answer all your questions when you book your session. You may also want to screen a few therapists to select which therapist suits you best. If your massage parlor is accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable, this is a good start.

Inquiries – Your therapist should inquire if you have any health conditions, what you want to achieve from your session and if you have any known injuries. If your therapist asks you these questions before booking a session, this is a mark of a good therapist and spa.

The pressure – At a session, your therapist should apply the right pressure to ensure your massage is enjoyable and achieves its goals.

Strange music – If you hear strange music from your Asian Massage NY parlor, you may be in a massage parlor that does not quite understand how a proper massage experience works.

Aftercare – Be wary of therapists who will sell you products after your session that don’t correspond with your session or your goals. Experts suggests telling your therapist that you will get back to them if you are interested in booking another session and never feel pressured to buy packages on the day.