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Uses of foam in child safety

Written by Foam Factory Foam is used in several ways to promote children and toddlers’ safety. When your child or toddler comes at the age that they move a lot or start jumping around, it is important

Using cushions to maintain posture

Written by The Foam Factory Whether we are sitting, sleeping or standing, maintaining a good posture is essential. Sometimes sofas can be too deep or too low. This creates a slouched posture. Your knees should also usually

Easy Access to Memory Foam Mattresses in Canada

By Canada Foam by Mail One of the most important pieces of furniture in your entire house is actually in the bedroom. No matter how much you love or spend on other pieces, you won’t be using

Natural and Organic Mattresses: What They Mean and How They Help

Written by: Carlo Badalamenti The natural and organic trends are alive and thriving in the United States and Canada. Even our mattresses and bedding can conform to these new standards for healthy living. There are several advantages

Differences in Mattresses and Mattress Toppers

Written by: Carlo Badalamenti One of the most popular sizes for a bed is a queen sized memory foam mattress. This provides enough space for two to sleep comfortably side-by-side, and it’s affordable without sacrificing a lot

Your House Needs A New Piece

Written By: Carlo Badalamenti If you are looking for a great piece to add to the beauty of your home, there are many things that you can consider when in this particular situation. Perhaps purchasing a new

Make Your Home Comfortable

Written By: Carlo Badalamenti Do you think that your house needs a new look? Perhaps it has been too long since your living room has had a makeover? Fix and design your house in such a way

The Health Benefits of a Foam Bed

By Carlo Badalamenti When it comes to your health, few things will have a bigger effect than your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Studies have linked you quality of sleep to all kinds of health

Feel Renewed After a Spa Massage

By Garden Retreat Spa All of us put in long hours these days and often even longer weeks. If you have kids, your weekends don’t provide much relaxation at all, do they? So it’s important that you