Your guide to a Traditional Korean Massage


By Garden Retreat Spa

A traditional Korean massage NYC, includes techniques from Asian massages with more involvement of the thumb, elbow and fingertip pressure. Korean massages use different techniques from shiatsu and reflexology to Japanese practices. Like most massages, Korean massages facilitate to relieve stress within the muscles and nervous system. Here is a short guide to help you navigate through your next Korean massage.

Korean massages are deep tissue massages and usually incorporate the entire body.

Korean Massage history – Most of the techniques used have been passed down from Chinese Buddhist monks, who used these techniques together with acupuncture and herbal remedies to treat illness. The massages are based on maintaining the balance of “Um-Yang”, commonly known as “Yin Yang”.

Most Korean spa NYC will follow all or some of these techniques

Emphasis is placed on pressure points with stretching routines.

Self stretching is involved, which usually resembles Korean Martial Therapy.

Your muscles will be energetically worked, similar to a deep tissue massage.

Some therapists will use their feet to perform a deep tissue massage on your back.

Therapists believe that massaging the hands, brings healing in all aspects of the body.

Trained Korean therapists will pull, push and pump a client’s back, to stretch the spine and relieve pressure.

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