The many benefits of Massage Therapy

3Written by Garden Retreat Spa

In modern times, one of the most pressing issue is that of stress. Due to time constraints and ever longer workdays levels of stress and stress induced illnesses are on the rise. Thanks in large part to it relaxing nature, massage therapy can be an effective tool for stress reduction. Along with a reduction in stress massage therapy can result in:

Reduced anxiety.

Improved sleep duration and quality.

Increased energy.

Better focus and concentration.

Improved circulation.

Decreased fatigue.

There are also health related benefits. Some of the techniques used in modern nyc massage, especially asian massage are hundreds of years old. They were used in ancient times to heal and treat illnesses in the villages and other communities. The knowledge used to be sacred and the techniques were handed down from generation to generation.

Improve range of motion.

Reduce lower back pain.

Improve immunity through lymp flow.

Ease dependence on medication.

Stretch weak and atrophied musculature.

Help athletes recover from competition or hard workouts.

Improve joint flexibility.

Reduce depression and anxiety.

Improve tissue regeneration.

Reduce stretch marks and scar tissue.

Anyone who could find relief from any of the benefits listed above should give massage therapy a go.


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