Spa Treatments

gardenretreatspa 4 dec 2016By Garden Retreat Spa

There are many services offered by New York massage parlors today, apart from massage. Some spas offer unusual offerings like energy work, ayurvedic consultations, tarot card readings and thalassotherapy. While medical spas offer procedures such as laser treatments.  Here are some of the common services offered by spas today.

Spa treatments – These include treatments that include massages, facials and body treatments. Body treatments include anti-aging, scar reduction, improved toning and weight reduction, which mostly involve body wraps and heat therapy. Treatments are coupled with body polishing, skin brushing, exfoliation and Vichy showers.

Massage – Massages offer many health benefits from reduced pain, stress relief, and improved circulation.

Specialty massages – These are rare forms of massage techniques that include techniques such as Watsu, which is conducted in a pool. Others include lava shell massage, lomilomi, and shiatsu.

Facials – To maintain your healthy glow most people enjoy monthly facials. This process can involve exfoliation, extraction, microdermabrasion and laser treatments.

Waxing and hair removal – Most reputable spas will offer waxing and eyebrow shaping services. These treatments include Brazilian waxings and full body waxings.

Energy work and metaphysical spa treatments – These treatments will start with the therapist assessing the client’s energy flow blockages to harmonize the body’s energy flows. Treatments include reiki, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and psychic massage.

It is best to assess the cleanliness of your Asian Spa NYC before making an appointment.

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