Different ways that damage your hair

It is every woman’s dream to look their best among their peers. However, in their quest for beauty and a stylish look, women tend to experiment with their hair with different styling techniques like dyeing, highlights, extensions and perms. According to Danie’s Beauty Salon, these techniques tend to damage your hair to such an extent that after sometime you are Justify with weak and damaged hair.

It has become a common among women to go to salons and try every latest fashion trend. They will be willing to sacrifice their hair just for the sake of experimentation. Many styling techniques such as highlights, lowlights, chemical perms, chemical straightening, blow drying, braiding, and bleaching have a huge impact on our hair.

Each and every hair strand has three layers. Cuticle is the outer layer that protects the inner and more sensitive components from damage. In healthy hair, each hair strand grows about ¼ inch every month out of a follicle. It can then keep on growing for up to six years. Then as part of the natural cycle of hair, the old hair will finally fall out to make way for new hair.

However, all styling techniques disrupts this natural cycle of hair growth as they damage the cuticle. This leads to problems such as split ends, lack of luster, or hair breakage.

Therefore, hair experts at Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA, explain the anatomy of the hair, in order to make people realize how much damage these styling techniques are causing. You can visit us anytime to get professional advice.