Using cushions to maintain posture

Written by The Foam Factory

Whether we are sitting, sleeping or standing, maintaining a good posture is essential. Sometimes sofas can be too deep or too low. This creates a slouched posture. Your knees should also usually be at the same height as your hips when you are sitting. Your posture can also slump if the armrests of your sofa are too low. A bad posture is often the cause of pains in the neck, arms and in the back.

Cushions can help us maintain a good posture while sitting. Placing a cushion under the arm while sitting takes the weight of the arm off the neck. Placing a small cushion in the lower back helps to maintain the lumbar curve and to keep the spine well aligned. Moreover, placing a cushion under the knees aids in supporting them in a flexed position and avoids strain.

If your sofa has become saggy and no longer provides support, you are probably considering getting a new one. You might also consider changing the foam inserts of your current sofa. This solution is cost effective and would enable you to keep your favourite sofa.

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