Uses of foam in child safety

Written by Foam Factory

Foam is used in several ways to promote children and toddlers’ safety. When your child or toddler comes at the age that they move a lot or start jumping around, it is important to ensure that they are kept safe from any injury or fall. For this, you might consider placing foam protections around the house and in regions that tend to be a little dangerous for them.

For instance, you could stick foam pieces to sharp edges, such as the edges of tables and other furniture to prevent that your child gets hurts from any collision with the furniture. You could also place a foam mat at the landing of a staircase, if you child like to jump at the landing. Some custom foam cushions can also be placed in your child’s room and play room, especially if your floor is made up of hardwood or ceramic tiles. You could also place foam supports around the cradle of your child if the material tends to be hard.

Using the foam cushion around the house would allow your child to play safety or your toddler to walk around the house safely without getting hurt. You could make the foam protections for your house yourself by purchasing custom-cut foam of different sizes and placing it around the house. Several foam companies now offer the possibility of foam of different shapes, sizes and density.

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