Natural and Organic Mattresses: What They Mean and How They Help

Written by: Carlo Badalamenti

The natural and organic trends are alive and thriving in the United States and Canada. Even our mattresses and bedding can conform to these new standards for healthy living. There are several advantages to choosing either natural or organic materials, but you should know what you’re buying. With this breakdown, you’ll be armed with the facts to help you decide whether a natural or organic mattress will help you.


A natural latex mattress has not been treated with any chemicals. The fabrics involved in the construction of the material must be naturally occurring. That means no synthetic materials, and nothing that has been chemically altered. Unlike organic products, natural products can use pesticides and fertilizers. This isn’t as much of an issue with latex, but can be something to worry about when it comes to cotton fill for pillows or mattress toppers.


Organic products mean that no synthetic chemicals or products were involved in the manufacturing process. For a memory foam mattress in Canada to be called “organic,” it must even keep the raw products free of chemicals and pesticides. This means that the latex extracted from trees must come from a natural source that was not treated chemically by man. Dyes can be used to alter the colors of the material, but these dyes must also come from organic sources. When a product is certified as organic, every step of the process conforms to these standards.

Toxic Chemicals

The main benefit to buying a natural or organic mattress from Canada Foam by Mail is the lack of toxic chemicals. As a normal mattress breaks down, it can release harmful toxins into the air that you breathe while you sleep. Inhaling these chemicals is one cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and can disrupt sleep patterns and cause health complications in adults. Organic and natural materials also don’t have the strong scent associated with man-made mattresses.

Comfort Level

The most important aspect of choosing any mattress is comfort. Chemicals can affect sleep patterns, but they are not the only driving force behind poor sleep. Comfort and spinal alignment are two big contributors, but firmness of the mattress plays a role as well. Whichever mattress you choose, be sure that you have given it the fifteen minute test. Lay in the bed for fifteen minutes on the showroom and try it out.