Why Pu-erh Tea is good for your health

Glass cups with green tea and tea leaves isolated on white.

Pu-erh tea (pronounced poo-air) is a special kind of tea that also comes from the same Camelia Sinesis plant that is the source of the main tea varieties like black, green, and white tea. Pu-erh gets the name from the county in the Yunnan province of China where it is cultivated exclusively. Pu-erh tea is quite popular around the world. However, what is less known are the numerous health benefits you get when you Buy Aged Pu-erh tea:


Pu-erh tea contains approximately 60-70mg of caffeine per cup. This helps improve focus, increase energy, supress appetite, and even improve exercise performance. Compare to a regular cup of coffee, which contains 105mg of caffeine, this is a better option for most people. Especially those that don’t tolerate high levels of caffeine.


A Chinese study shows that Pu-erh tea can help reduce LDL, more widely known as the bad cholesterol, which could reduce the prevalence of obesity related diseases. In the study, the rates had increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and reduce LDL. All in all, it shows that drinking Pu-erh has association with lower risk of heart disease.


Pu-erh tea can also help reduce stress levels and anxiety. When you buy your next batch from GenerationTea.com, know that it contains GABA and Theanine both of which help reduce stress and anxiety and even make for better sleep at night.

As a fermented tea, Pu-erh contains high levels of antioxidants which complement all the health benefits when consumed in the morning or evening with rich aroma and flavor.