Depression on the Rise Due to Global Pandemic

A young girl sits at a table with a laptop and feels sad or depressed. Conceptual illustration about burnout, learning problems, self-doubt, fatigue. Cartoon vector illustration isolated on white background

As we enter the second year of the Pandemic, people in just about every country are dealing with numerous issues. This includes unemployment, shortages of food and supplies and the continuing threat of the virus. With the new Delta strain now affecting people worldwide, experts are struggling to stay on top of things. The Global Spiritualist Association is now trying to do its part of help those with depression.

Whether this is due to a job loss or other problems, the teachers, and mentors at the Global Spiritualist Association want to help. We understand that trauma that can occur when people are in lockdown for long periods of time. This can affect your personality and your thinking. People who have quarantined for long periods are more likely to experience paranoia. With this condition, an individual may believe they are being watched by some higher power.

Some people report believing that others are out to get them. These are serious symptoms but with the right treatment, a person can understand why they feel this way and begin to release those toxic feelings. In some cases, it may be necessary for a person to receive medications to help them get through depression.

Often, an individual can get much better through positive counseling. They simply need to feel like they’re being heard and seen. They want to be understood. This is the goal of the Global Spiritualist Association. Our teachers and mentors are available to help those who are feeling isolated.

The Global Spiritualist Association works to develop programs to help those with depression. Many of the world’s most distinguished spiritual mentors work with TGSA to promote the study of higher consciousness. The organization advocates international cooperation.