Top Ways You Could be Damaging Your Eyes

Vision: man using a contact lens.

Taking good care of your eyes should be a natural thing. However, there are a number of ways you could be damaging your vision without even knowing it. This guide will show you some of the most common ways you could be unknowingly harming your eyes.

Relying on Redness Drops

Many people tend to use redness drops when they notice their eyes look swollen and red, even with lenses. These specialized drops are a short-term solution that help restore the normal color to the eyes. Normally, there isn’t any problem with using these drops on occasion but you may run into issues when you start to rely on them and use them too often. They help constrict the vessels within the eyes but can also be damaging if used improperly. Instead, you can use an alternative such as artificial tears which are less intense on the eyes.

Heavy Smoking

It’s commonly known that smoking can cause lung cancer and other respiratory issues. However, numerous studies have shown that smoking can also damage the eyes. Researchers have found that smoking can contribute to macular degeneration and can increase the chances of cataracts. Smoking can cause permanent damage to the retina, which may lead to a loss of vision over time.

Smoking has been commonly linked to poor eye health. The obvious solution is to quit smoking altogether. However, for most chronic smokers, it may be wise to wean off cigarettes slowly to avoid causing even more damage to your eyes and your lungs.