Healthy quick meals that you can your kids can enjoy.

As a parent you want your kids to eat healthy, often you will share meals with them. By giving them healthy meals you can ensure they will grow up strong and if you are sharing their food you will be helping yourself too. Kids are very fussy with what they eat but nearly all kids will love these meals. After a great meal they will be straight back into their animal onesies probably in their favourite panda onesie..

A simple recipe but a favourite for a reason. Chicken and vegetables. Protein is great for growing kids so are vegetables. You can bread the chicken to make it a little more tempting to the little ones, but really simple chicken with a great sauce and some boiled or pan fried veg should do the trick.

Pasta is so quick and simple to make. Just boil it up and mix in some sauce. You can stir in nearly all kinds of meat, you can also mix in vegetables to get the kids eating healthily and not even realising it. Pasta is always a go to recipe for a reason.

A fruit salad makes a great treat. It has all the sweetness of other deserts but is a lot healthier. You can also put in different fruits to get your kids to try new things in a pudding they really enjoy already. Strawberries and cream, oranges, pineapples etc will all work really well. If serving to adults you can even add in a little rum and make it a bit boozy.

Pancakes don’t always have to be covered in sugary Maple syrup and chocolate. You can top them with bananas, oranges, a squeeze of lemon. They are a breeze to make. They take minutes to mix up and minutes to prepare in the pan. They are really filling and you can never really make enough. If you are counting the calories you can always go for sugar free syrup or sugar alternatives.