Learn More about Natural Dentistry

Many people may not be familiar with the term “natural dentistry.” Natural dentistry is an approach to dentistry that focuses on using the least invasive method of treating dental problems and avoid introducing toxins into the body. At a Glendora natural dentistry office, the staff can explain how natural dentistry would be used to maintain your dental health and treat any issues that arise.

Natural dentistry is also known as holistic or biological dentistry. It approaches dentistry from the standpoint that dental health is part of a whole person and that what happens in the mouth affects the overall dental health. Research increasingly shows this to be true and has proven relationships between dental health and diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease to diabetes and more. In some cases, those diseases might be initially diagnosed during a dental exam. In other cases, a person’s dental health can be affected by the disease, or infections in the mouth can exacerbate the condition. A Glendora orthodontist with a holistic approach to dentistry might focus on how properly positioned teeth contribute to overall health.

Because of this commitment to treating the whole person, your first-time appointment at a Glendora holistic dental office may be different from other dental visits you have experienced. Dentists may take a more extensive medical history and discuss your general health. The integrated approach offered by natural dentistry ensures that efforts are made to keep you healthy in mind and body and not just with regards to your teeth and gums.
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