Essential facts to consider before choosing an assisted living facility

Shot of a caregiver and her patient out for a walk in the garden

Choosing an Assisted living facility Burbank can make living easier as seniors age. However, choosing the right facility can make all the difference in making the transition an easy one.

Here are some areas to consider when choosing an assisted living facility:

Check for quality doctors – Most reputed assisted living facilities will provide a list of on-call doctors that specialize in senior health care. The facility should also include a medical director with in-house nurses to offer immediate care.

Pricing – Request for a pricing list to understand what is offered and what will be an additional charge. Reading the contract carefully will highlight any areas of concern.

Bills – It is important to identify if charges include utilities. Since most seniors manage on a tight budget, understanding what will need to be spent on average will help seniors manage their funds.

Being asked to leave – The contract will stipulate the circumstances in which a resident can be asked to leave. Clarify these conditions to understand what practices are accepted.

Negotiate – Informing the facility of what you can pay, can be a great way to negotiate the cost.

Look for options – It is best to visit as many facilities as possible to get the best value. Visiting facilities with a list of questions can help seniors compare facilities to recognize what suits them best. It is a good idea to take a younger family member with you as they can offer a different perspective.

When searching for an assisted living facility Los Angeles, it’s important to get all the info you possibly can. Ask about pricing and whether there’s an extra charge for some services. Once you narrow down your list, then make appointments to visit several of your favourites. Look around, talk to the current residents. With a bit of legwork, you can find just the right assisted living facility Glendale CA.