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High Intensity Sprints Require Calories – Look to the Calories in a Banana

Though often underestimated, when you are short on time or hoping to blast off excess calories, short distance, high speed sprints should be an exercise to be considered. Short intervals of sprints keep your heart jumping from

Weight Loss Advice: Try a 1500 Calorie Diet Plan

The truth of weight loss is that there is a plethora of advice out there; but what parts and aspects of it are relevant and helpful to one’s own personal situation and desires? That is the hard

Four Benefits of Almonds

Most doctors recommend that one should eat almonds regularly, and in taking that advice, one will find that whether they fancy the bitter or sweet variety, it often tends to have a lot of benefits that affect

Four Missing Nutrients in Your Diet

If there’s anything that people want to know these days, it is about how they can improve their health by following a healthy diet. And while nutrients such as protein, good fats and carbohydrates get a lot

Four Myths About HIV

HIV is anything but temporary, and while there are several people who live with it, day in and day out, the ones who do know that their time is up live under the proverbial Damocles sword, wondering

How to Quit Smoking

While the paradigm “Once a smoker, always a smoker” continues to exist amongst people who have tried to quit but haven’t been able to in recent years. While doctors still consider the craving for sweets to be

Foods That Help You Sleep Better

There’s no doubt that when it comes to being able to perform at one’s best at work, one must have a good night’s sleep. And while many continue to take sleeping pills, medication does not need to