Caring for your bamboo floors

Written By Bamboo FAQ

No matter what kind of flooring you choose for your home, you need to look into what it will take to maintain it. No flooring can survive without some type of maintenance, after all. Even something as beautiful and strong as bamboo flooring needs a little TLC from time to time in order to keep its looks and live a nice long time.

Fortunately, bamboo flooring price is so low that you’ll have plenty of money left over to pick up cleaning supplies.

For the most part, you’ll want to stick to a regimen of cleaning your bamboo floor every day or every other day by sweeping. Also, put out a mat for people to use when they come in from outside. Otherwise, tiny granules will eventually work their way against the floor and cause all kinds of problems.

To actually clean the floor, you’ll need a soft, quality mop and cleaner made especially for hardwood floors. Fortunately, this type of cleaning agent really doesn’t cost much. However, make sure you buy the right stuff or you could be unwittingly hurting your bamboo floors and making matters much, much worse than before.


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