What Kind of AC Units Do Hospitals Use?

No one likes extended hospital visits, but they’re often necessary. As such, most people like to learn as much as they can about the hospital they’ll be staying in. One component that gets brought up is the type of air conditioning hospitals rely on. Although hospitals are there primarily to help people heal and get better, comfort is obviously a big deal. So, obviously, they need the best air conditioning options available.

For the most part, hospitals rely on industrial air conditioning systems. That’s because they have the capacity to cover such a large area and at the level of power they need. For the most part, these types o f units wouldn’t be available to the general public.

Furthermore, hospitals have a much greater demand for clean air than even your average home. A quality HVAC unit always has some kind of filtration system working to clean the air it cleans and circulates. However, hospitals have a much greater need when you consider all the health risks implicit.

Most hospitals also have a number of portable ac units available if worse comes to worse. Should the air shut down in some hospitals patients could become seriously ill if they don’t have ways to stay cool.