Child-Proofing Your Home

baby-safetyKids have exploratory personalities and the desire to get into just about everything. It’s a good idea for expecting or new parents to do some work around the house to child proof everything. Child-proofing the home makes it safer for your toddler, and gives you the peace of mind to let him or her roam free and get some of that kid energy out in a healthy way. Here are some tips for doors, furniture and electrical appliances.

Doors and Windows

The first thing you should do to childproof the home is to make sure that doors and windows are not too easy to access. You’ll want to fit locks on any windows that are your child’s height, and make sure that you lock both locks on your front and rear doors. Also, it’s helpful to use some window dressing on sliding glass doors so kids don’t go crashing through them.

Sharp Edges

Babies seem to be at the perfect height to smash into just about everything around the house. They don’t fit perfectly beneath tables or chairs, and there are lots of low hanging hazards they aren’t worried about while they are taking those first steps. It helps to line some of the sharper edges in your home with foam to reduce the shock of impact if your baby collides with something.


It’s a good idea to place plastic covers over your electrical outlets so that your baby cannot stick small fingers inside the socket. Wires should also be wrapped neatly and placed out of reach. Babies will pull everything out of the socket if you don’t keep an eye on them.


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