5 Excellent Tips for Fast Muscle Gain

Fast Muscle Gain

If you’ve been struggling to add muscle to your frame, try following these five proven tips. But first, plan on using more free weights in your workouts instead of machines, which are superior for putting on mass.

Lift Heavier Weights
Focus on lifting heavier weights. They force your muscles to work harder. Keep track of your workouts, including the weight and repetitions of each set. When your reps go up on certain exercises, add five or ten pounds to the bar or dumbbell during your next workout.

Get a Partner
Select a partner who’s comparable in size and strength, so you both can shoot for the same goals. Partners enable you to lift until failure, which is a proven technique in building strength and size, according to bodybuilding.com.

Increase Your Caloric Intake
Eat five to eight meals per day instead of three. Choose from a variety of lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, cottage cheese and egg whites, as well as good carbohydrates: potatoes, yams, brown rice, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. For more information on bodybuilding diets, check out some of the Nick Di Ruscio sites. In addition to meals, use high protein supplements, creatine and other muscle-building formulas to boost calories.

Get a Trainer
Hire a trainer to help you achieve your goals. They’re experts on the exercises and diets that can help you achieve your goals. When selecting a trainer, make sure you find someone with lots of industry experience, such as Nick Di Ruscio, a top fitness trainer in Los Angeles.