Weight Loss Advice: Try a 1500 Calorie Diet Plan

The truth of weight loss is that there is a plethora of advice out there; but what parts and aspects of it are relevant and helpful to one’s own personal situation and desires? That is the hard part of weight loss, and the 1500 calorie diet is a drastic and incredible way to shed unwanted weight in a short amount of time. By planning out the meals that one will eat over the course of the day and counting calories effectively, keeping one’s body healthy and full along with cutting down on unnecessary food is a very feasible idea.

First off, consider something simple like the calories in a banana as a test type of scenario. The difference between a small, medium, and large banana is 50 calories on average from the small end of the spectrum to the large! In this way, it is possible to shave off undesired calories by eating smaller portions and smaller specific pieces of food; like small bananas that are less than six inches! Getting back into the specifics of the plan, breakfast may consist of two lean sausages, baked beans, slices of butter and a small piece of fruit; and this is often more in terms of variety and food than what most normal Americans do every morning! By cutting out unhealthy cereals and sweets like donuts or pastries, dropping those calories and consequentially dropping those pounds is now easier than ever!