How to Deal with a Dental Implant Nerve Injury

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According to a study carried out by the King’s College Dental Institute in 2012, every year, approximately 1% of all implant procedures carried out by dentists unfortunately result in a dental implant nerve injury. A dental implant procedure is usually carried out when a patient has lost teeth from a disease or an injury. This dental procedure is done by inserting an artificial tooth root to the jaw.


Moreover, the same study has found that patients are, in certain cases, not well cared for prior to and after the implant. Post-surgery follow-ups are often not adequate enough to detect nerve damages. In some cases, patients were not even warned about the risk of nerve damage by practitioners. The study has furthermore found that these injuries considerably impacted on patients’ quality of life. Discomforts from injuries usually involve constant pain and a feeling of numbness to the jaw. In certain instances, patients even suffered from psychological issues such as depression.


Patients who fall victim to such dental malpractice could consider seeking the help of dental lawyers. A dental malpractice attorney assists patients in proving that they have been victim to negligence and dental damages. The lawyer will negotiate in order to obtain a settlement with the dental office that was responsible for your nerve damage. If ever the settlement proposed is inadequate to cover the damage incurred by the patient, the attorney will file a lawsuit.


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