Top Tips You Need to Know Before Buying Contacts Online

Summary: Purchasing your contacts online can be as easy as 1, 2, click. But, there are some things you need to know beforehand.

Purchasing your contacts online can be a convenient way to shop. But there are some things that you need to consider before you ultimately decide to go through with it.

If you’ve already bought contacts online before, then you’re already familiar with the process. But, it’s still worth taking a look at these tips – you might learn something that you’ve never heard of before.

Always Read the Prescription

Getting the wrong prescription is never a joke. While the natural thing to do is to try it anyways, you need to avoid this as you can potentially damage your eyes. In some cases when you purchase online, the prescription may not match the lens either due to computer error or just a lapse in judgment. An improperly fit lens can cause irritation, blurred vision, and even corneal abrasions – essentially everything that hurts. Make sure you order the correct contact lens and verify with your eye doctor if you have any questions.

Always Keep Your Prescription Updated

Your contacts are only as good as the prescription you have. Thus, if this changes, you do not want to be purchasing the wrong one. There are always signs that your prescription has changed – make sure you are aware of them. If you’re having difficulty seeing small, subtle details in low light levels at a distance or things are much blurrier than they used to be, it might be time to update your prescription.

Make Sure Your Contacts Fit

Do not make the mistake of purchasing the wrong material. Because there are so many different types of contact lenses out there, the wrong one can cause severe irritation.

Discomfort and itchy eyes are common symptoms that indicate a wrong lens size or material. If you’re experiencing any of these, be sure to follow up with your eye doctor so you can update him or her on your current issues. Then, your eye doctor can either change your entire lens or prescribe something different.

Always Get an Exam

The best way to make sure that your contacts will work best for your personal lifestyle is to see an optometrist. Patients that wear contact lenses should be checked every year. Not only is this beneficial for your prescription, but the eye doctor will also look for any dangerous signs that could lead to a serious health condition. This is an underrated tip that many people tend to be lazy about. recommends that you schedule an appointment around the same time every year so you can ensure the health of your eyes.