Three Things You Need to Plan for When You Move

When you move to a new area, even one just down the highway, you’re bound to run into all sorts of circumstances you hadn’t anticipated. For instance, California has extremely diverse geography in the South. You can move thirty minutes in one direction and be in a completely different environment, like mountains or beach land. Before you move, you need to plan for contingencies like your move or how much space you’ll have in the new home.

Moving Costs

Plan for your move to take five to eight hours, even if you don’t have much stuff. All sorts of variables come into play. Traffic may take a long time, or perhaps access is restricted at either the old or new place. If you plan for eight hours and it only takes five, you pocketed the savings, but eight is fairly standard. Eight hours gives movers plenty of time to move your items to the location, as long as it’s not out of state. Out of state moves are handled differently, and you should shop around for estimates before you make a decision one way or the other.


You can add space you’re lacking with shelving units, like a laundry room pantry closet. Once you’re in the house, you can mount new shelves or add storage spaces to almost any room in the home. This extra shelving helps you keep a place for everything, and everything in its place.


The weather you plan to move into is another factor, especially when it comes to getting around the city or storing your stuff. Research the four seasons in your new location, and be sure that the temperatures are manageable for you.

Once you’ve verified that you have your move planned, plenty of space, and a decent climate, you’re ready to pull the trigger on your big move.


:: Kuba Jewgieiniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, and a former stock broker with an emphasis on data-driven prospects. Realty ONE Group also has its own charity sponsored event ONE Day, where agents and staff work with local charities to better their community.