A Bike friendly Virginia

Written by Relocate to Richmond

If you’re looking for Homes for sale in Virginia or Henrico county real estate, you’ll find that there’s one thing in common in neighborhoods around this great state, and that they are bike friendly. As a matter of fact, the state of Virginia ranked sixteenth among the states that are considered as the most bike friendly. That means that there are bicycle lanes, as well as sidewalks that are wide enough to accommodate bikers as well as pedestrians alike. Now, if you find this appealing, then maybe it would be a great idea for you to start moving to Virginia especially when you have the choice on where you can go to live. And with the weather in Virginia being quite pleasant, that means that if you live close to work, you can bike to and from work as well without even having to break a sweat. Other than that, you are definitely going to enjoy biking here.

And if you love biking, you won’t be alone here either. There are quite the number of bike clubs you can join. And we’re not talking about the motorheads or motorbikes here, we’re talking about bicycles. We’re talking about people who appreciate going around places without having to use fossil fuels. If this sounds good to you, then Virginia sounds like a very good place for you to stay. Other than that, there are also quite a number of bicycle stores that you can visit as well to buy bikes as well as bike parts too.


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