The Wrong Chair Drive Customers Away

Written byComfort Soul

If you run a salon or spa, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your business. Chances are, you’ve considered a lot of the typical solutions like hiring better employees or offering other services. But be sure you cover all your bases before you start considering such potentially expensive options. One of the things that could be keeping you from hitting your business potential could be something as simple as a salon chair.

Most people don’t understand how much damage a simple chair can do to the human body. As a salon or spa owner, though, it’s your business to appreciate this. The last thing you want is a procedure chair that leaves your clients worse off despite your employee’s best efforts.

Before you order more than one, start with a single unit and test it out yourself. Have your employees do the same and, only then, put it out on the floor for your customers to try little by little.

You need to sit in it for at least as long as your customers will to truly appreciate how it will feel the entire time. Of special interest is lower lumbar support as this is where many chairs fall short.


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