The Difference Between Medical and Cosmetic Vaginoplasty

Cosmetic labia plastic surgery differs from medical surgery. For example, crybrolation is a treatment for heavy periods and some women need vaginal repair after a traumatic birth. Cosmetic vaginal plastic surgery, on the other hand, is used to change the appearance of the lips or vagina.

Altering the labia changes the outward  appearance of a woman’s genitalia. Women will often enter the office of a vaginal plastic surgeon with a playboy magazine and ask that their vulva look the same. Many women do not want their inner labia lips to protrude beyond their outer labia. Some labia are asymmetrical, and laser labia surgery can correct this.

While every female genitalia is “normal” and beautiful, it may not be desirable for the individual. It is the same as having a breast augmentation or facelift. The woman may feel more comfortable with her partner if she undergoes this procedure.

Vaginal plastic surgery can alter the pleasurable experience of intercourse. Women often have trouble enjoying sex like they used to before they had children. This is because their pelvic floor muscles are stretched and relaxed, reducing the necessary friction for sexual pleasure to occur. Kegel exercises can be performed, but do not have the same fast and effective results as laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery. The perineum can also be tightened to experience sexual pleasure. This creates a younger looking vulva.

Another type of cosmetic vaginal surgery is hymenoplasty. This repairs the hymen to its virginal state before the woman became sexually active. This procedure is highly controversial in some cultures where a woman’s virginity is a cornerstone to her value in society.

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