Understanding Synthetic Genes

Written By The Midland Certified Reagent Company

With so many scientific breakthroughs each year, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. This is a shame considering how many can have a direct and very real effect on our health.

But more and more you can expect to hear news about synthetic genes, so it’s important you understand what one is. A synthetic gene is one that is literally made in a lab. The science behind it comes from our understanding of DNA. The immediately exciting part about this is that this means we can construct genes 100% artificially, without using a preexisting gene to begin with. When you think about it, this blows the doors wide open on what we can do in the future.

As we get older (and this is a gross simplification) our genes begin breaking down in important ways that eventually causes disease. Aside from downgrading our quality of life, these diseases can eventually end it too.

But the fact that we can synthesize genes like TAM and other important ones means someday we can begin full-on gene therapy where science can allow us to recover from such degradation. But this science doesn’t have to be reserved solely for the old and sickly. Anyone with an ailment could benefit. In fact, anyone simply looking to replace “bad” genes or replace good ones could instantaneously become more healthy.

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