The Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Fund

When a person is diagnosed with the cancer mesothelioma, they might qualify to receive financial compensation for their disease. The reason why so many patients spend the time and energy to file a lawsuit is because the money can be used to support their family when they are gone. But what happens if the asbestos and equipment manufacturers responsible for the asbestos exposure filed bankruptcy? Can you still fight for the financial compensation you deserve? The answer is yes.

Your mesothelioma law firm will tell you that just because a company has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it doesn’t mean they are free from paying up. In fact, Chapter 11 requires that the company pay a portion of the money they owe to all of their creditors. This money is placed in a special settlement trust, which is then used to pay the people who have filed asbestos and mesothelioma claims.

If the company responsible for exposing you to asbestos, whether in the Navy, or asbestos elsewhere, has filed Chapter 11, then you can file a claim against the asbestos bankruptcy trust fund instead of the company. You can still get a portion of the money you deserve.

The first step is to contact a pleural mesothelioma lawyer who will evaluate your case and let you know whether you qualify to file a claim or a lawsuit against the company that is responsible for exposing you to asbestos in the first place. To learn more about how you might qualify to receive financial compensation from a mesothelioma diagnosis.