Synthetic Genetics is Groundbreaking

By The Midland Certified Reagent Company

To many, it may be hard to grasp the idea of a synthetic gene. But, in principle, it’s very simple, its ramifications, not so much. Thanks to our grasp on RNA and DNA, scientists have learned how to essentially build genes. It’s not a perfect science at the moment, but it’s important to understand that gene construction someday will be just that. And when it is (or even as it draws close), the potential for mankind will be unlimited.

Imagine a world where inoculating or otherwise vaccining people are unnecessary because we’ve introduced a gene of immunity to those diseases. It sounds like science fiction, but it could really happen. At the moment, our experiments haven’t been so ambitious, but the tests done on animals have shown many promising results.

Genetics are the building blocks that make up each and everyone one of us. Sometimes the results are favorable, but plenty of times they’re not. As we learn more about genetics, we’re also learning more about how big a role they truly play. They don’t just make you tall, for example, they may also make you lazy. What if you could ramp up one  gene and downplay the other?


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