Medical Laboratory Technician as a Career Choice

lab technician
Are you trying to start your career in medical laboratory sciences, but not been able to accomplish the amount schooling that’s essential in order to become a Medical Lab Scientist (MLS). Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT), also known as Medical Technicians, provide their services in medical laboratories under the direct guidance of Physicians, Pathologists, or Medical Technologists. Medical Laboratory Technicians generally work on the same shifts as Medical Technologists while performing majority of the same duties.

MLT’s duties are very identical to that of the medical technologists. Few of their duties are given below:

Managing laboratory instruments; performing tests on tissue, fluid, and blood
Prepping specimens for medical examinations
Reporting and sending examination results
Managing laboratory microscopes and equipment
Cross-match blood units

Pursuing a career in a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) field could turn out to be an ideal choice if you are interested in a profession that’s related to the medical field, but aren’t ready to commit to obtaining a four year bachelor’s degree. What makes such type of profession rather appealing is the fact that the necessary education as well as training can be easily attained. In order to become eligible to service as a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), you should have two year associate’s degree from a program that is accredited by NAACLS also known as the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Individuals having degrees in an identical field can be eligible for a 1 year certificate course.

Presently, the job future for an MLT is definitely positive.
During the next decade, it’s expected to grow about fifteen percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Such substantial demand for Medical Laboratory Technicians is the result of the anticipated healthcare requirements of the aging US society and the expected decrease in prices of laboratory tests. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, MLT’s annual salary could well reach almost $56,040, with a median annual wage around $36,000. Many MLTs work in physicians’ offices or hospitals.

Another encouraging attribute in becoming a Laboratory Technician includes the choice to eventually proceed with your education in order to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Majority of accredited programs provide a bridge program in which current MLTs proceed with their education as well as the clinical training necessary for MLS. Such flexibility is very beneficial to those who are looking to secure their job in the near future.