See and Feel the Lap Band Difference

The lap band operation helps patients that have tried dieting, exercising and have not seen weight loss results. This operation is minimally invasive and has a faster recovery time than other weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass. Most lap band procedures are done laparoscopically, leaving small incisions, the scars of which will become barely visible.

Right after surgery the patient will start to see and feel the difference as the pounds and inches will start to shed off of their bodies. The lap band cost can run from $15,000-$18,000, depending on patient medical history. There are also payment options from insurance, medical lap band financing options and payment plans. Lap band financing can be achieved by contacting one of the many medical financing companies like Care Credit.

Once price and method of payment have been discussed, the next important thing would be getting a certified bariatric doctor that can work with you. There are plenty of doctors in the market but only a few that will do the job well done. By finding the right bariatric doctor your journey will have a good beginning.

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