A Note on Heavy Periods and Other Gynecological Problems

If there’s anything that is common amongst women everywhere in the world, it is those five to seven days in a month when she has her periods. This is also a time when feeling emotionally low apart from experiencing weakness and fatigue is considered to be normal.

Sometimes they have to deal with heavy periods at different times in their lives sometimes having to deal with inconvenience, pain and discomfort and most experts say that in not seeking doctor’s help in this regard, most women have to endure these symptoms unnecessarily.

When these heavy periods occur for unusually long periods with heavy bleeding in between periods, it is also called Menorrhagia and there several reasons why this condition occurs in women. One of the main reasons for this is due to the disorder related to the lining of the uterus (also known as the endometrium) along with hormonal imbalance as well as the presence of tumors and polyps.

Another common problem is also known as pelvic relaxation where the muscles on the pelvic floor become weak and damaged, and this will result in the pelvic floor and the other organs to sag into the vagina. This is another condition (much like heavy bleeding) that shouldn’t be ignored because until the time it is corrected, the woman experiencing this will have to deal with pain, discomfort and the like.

All in all, doctors want to send out a clear message that it isn’t good for women who deal with these problems to continue suffering with them to continue struggling but to get to a doctor.