Research findings of effectiveness of Senna as a laxative

A small study conducted in France involving elderly patients with an average age of 81 and suffering from chronic constipation treated with smaller dosage of Senna for six months shown remarkable improvement without adverse effects. Another study comes from China conducted with a group of people who are addicted to Senna leaf tea. In this study, subjects were shown indications of fidgetiness, sleeplessness, dilated pupils and loss of appetite. They were getting a ten times higher daily dosage than recommended by the above trial. Also a control group in the same study in China who received a lesser dosage has shown weight loss and none of the other symptoms. So, it appears that taking Senna in moderation provides relief from chronic constipation and added weight loss. Combined the power of Senna with other proven ingredients in controlled portions provides even better results. This is why Coleanse Pills contain Senna and other proven laxatives.