Live the life in Richmond Virginia

Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Richmond in Virginia offers various possibilities of activities for the health-conscious individual. The region in itself offers calm and peaceful natural surroundings along with various physical activities and healthy food. The natural ambience and fresh air are among the main reasons why people seek Richmond homes for sale.


Mountain hiking is one of the most popular activities in the Richmond area. Virginia is known to offer great landscapes of heavy forests and mountains. These landscapes are dominated by the Appalachian, which extends to the west until the state of Kentucky. Hiking lovers would also enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains which neighbor Pennsylvania and North Carolina.


Swimming is a great cardio activity. Virginia Beach is located quite close to Richmond and seasoned swimmers would be able to make the most of this breathtaking beach. Apart from swimming other water activities such as surfing and diving can be practised in Virginia Beach.

White Water Rafting

This activity is quite widespread in Virginia, especially among tourists. Rafting trips can be found all over the state including in Richmond, Purcellville, Roanoke and Fredericksburg. Rafting can be practised in team and it a good cardio and strength activity.

Trail Biking

There are numerous biking trails all over Virginia. For instance, the High Bridge Trail, Old Dominion Trail or the Huckleberry are very popular in the region. Biking lovers would also be able to enjoy natural scenes and a breathtaking view along with working their legs on challenging paths.

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