Lap Band Surgeon

Gastric lap band surgery also known as lap band, is a quick, non invasive procedure done to patients that are obese and/or have any medical conditions due to obesity. This procedure is done by a licensed lap band doctor. The procedure is done in an hour or less via laparoscopy, with small incisions in abdomen, and it has a quick recovery. Many patients have been able to resume normal work activity within 7 days after surgery.

A few days after surgery the lap band surgeon meets with patient to verify if all incisions are doing great and none have caught an infection or anything of that matter right after leaving facility. The lap band doctor will ensure that patient understands all proper handling of the incisions once the patient is dismissed from surgery. It is very important for a patient to know right ways to take care of incision and proper post op indications. There could be serious complications if patient doesn’t follow proper instructions.

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