Bariatric Surgery is No Longer Something to Fear

When it comes to weight-loss, more people are reluctant to try surgery. Historically, bariatric surgery involved rearranging a person’s intestines, or removing large parts of the stomach. But recently there have been new breakthroughs in the types of surgeries offered, offering less invasive and even reversible solutions. One in particular, the lap band, has shown to be very successful at helping patients reach their weight-loss goals.

The lap band system is covered under most PPO bariatric insurance. If insurance doesn’t cover the procedure, the cost of lap band is easy to finance. In fact, it is estimated that the one-time cost of lap band can outweigh the cost to cover two years of obesity related conditions such as diabetes.

The procedure itself is relatively quick and far safer than previous bariatric procedures. There a few incisions on the abdomen and the “band” is placed around the stomach and filled with saline through a port that is positioned just below the skin. This procedure is completely reversible, and even allows for a woman to become pregnant, often with little or no complications.

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