How to Eat Traditional Foods at Home without Dairy

Baking favorite meals without dairy ingredients is extremely challenging at first. Most people have tested recipes that have been passed down from other family members that are relied upon for holidays and other family gatherings. Many people want these foods to have the same density and texture while avoiding dairy to improve their health.  There are tasteful alternatives to cooking with dairy based ingredients. Here are a few tips on how to eat traditional foods at home without dairy.

Start looking over a few recipes and find appropriate dairy free substitutes. Try different plant based milks in baked goods to see if it works well with that recipe. Earth balance makes a vegan butter that can be used when cooking. Look over recent grocery lists and receipts and see which condiments are prepackaged foods are purchased on a regular basis. Many of these foods contain one or more dairy ingredients. The next time the store is visited spend time reading the ingredients. Browse through the organic section of the grocery store to look for dairy free salad dressings and other condiments.  Look for dairy free substitutes for favorite snacks and desserts. Consider eating dairy free sorbet, coconut ice cream, or fruit based desserts instead of ice cream.

Keep a cheat sheet of easy substitutes for dairy ingredients with personal cook books and favorite recipes. Stock up on these ingredients so that they are always available when preparing meals.  Use these tips when purchasing prepackaged goods and creating recipes at home that are dairy free.

Article provided by Paleo Forever