Foam is the Healthiest Choice for Cushions, and Here’s Why

Foam-is-the-Healthiest-Choice-for-Cushions,-and-Here’s-WhyIf you’re concerned with your health, or the health of someone in your household, you should be concerned with what the cushions in your house are made of. Are they traditional down or feather-stuffed pillows? Cotton-poly fluff? Box-spring mattresses? If they’re not foam seats, then you have a potentially serious health risk on your hands.

The problem with those traditional types of cushions is that they are perfect spots for bacteria, allergens, and other potentially harmful pathogens to hang out, breed, and mutate. Seat foam, on the other hand, is much more resistant to these things due to its inorganic nature.

If your home is full of these old-fashioned cushions, pillows, mattresses, and seat backs, then a foam upgrade may be a smart move for you. Give consideration to your climate as well—is there ever any kind of moisture hanging around in the air? If so, your cushions are also like sponges that absorb that moisture and store it. After it sits for a while without completely drying out, those cushions turn into factories for mold and mildew.

The nature of foam allows it to drain moisture and evaporate any remaining dampness much faster than traditional stuffing materials, meaning it’s not nearly as susceptible to mold or mildew. You’ll also find Dryfast foam to be an option for boats and patio furniture. Dryfast foam is specially designed for outdoor or otherwise humid environments where mold and mildew are prone to popping up. Dryfast foam reduces water retention, helping to eliminate noxious smells on top of the general health concerns of prolonged spore exposure.

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