Three Secrets to Staying Healthy Indoors

Written by Your Filter Connection

Who doesn’t love the open air or an outdoor adventure? Even though it’s important and healthy to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, most of our time is spent inside. Whether at home with the kids, at the office, Americans spend a great deal of time indoors.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be healthy or physically fit. In fact, it’s possible and very easy to stay healthy and fit while spending most of your time inside the home or office. Your Filter Connection offers the following three tips to staying healthy indoors.

Purchase an Air Filter

The very reason most people want to get outside is for the fresh air. Indoor air is usually stale and full of contaminants. Whether at home or at an office, the air we breathe inside is usually contaminated with dust mites, mold spores, smoke, bacteria, dust, pollen, and even pet dander (if you have pets). However, a home air filter is designed to capture these contaminants and clean the air you breathe. To stay healthy inside of the home or at the workplace, consider purchasing an air filter from a company such as Your Filter Connection. You can purchase air filters designed for single rooms or filters created for larger areas such as the entire house or office.

Replace Air Conditioner Filters

If your air conditioner filter is dirty, it can affect more than the unit. While a dirty filter can make the system work harder than it has to (and might even ruin the unit), it can also contaminate the air breathe inside the home or office. An air conditioner filter is designed to keep the coils on the system clean, as well as capture the contaminants mentioned above, including bacteria that can cause illness. To make sure that your air is clean, replace the filters in your air conditioning unit. And while you’re at it, consider replacing the filter in your furnace too, such as an electrostatic furnace filter.

Keep Moving

Just because you’re indoor doesn’t mean you have to remain stationary. There are many ways you can keep your body moving even if you’re at home or at the office. While at home, consider getting more physical exercise by cleaning up after yourself more often. You can also exercise indoors using exercise videos, doing yoga, or using exercise equipment such as a bike or stair master.

While at the office, you can get more exercise by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Take advantage of your required break times to walk around the office, stretch, and do some breathing exercises.
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