Different Dental Malpractice Cases

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Annually, about thousands of people fall prey to dental malpractices from their dental surgeons. According to a survey by the American Board of Legal Medicine, claims for dental malpractices constitute of more that 13% out of the overall claims figure for professional malpractices. Each state in the US might have their own laws defining the exact duties of a dentist. However, all professionals are subject to the legal obligation of providing the best quality care to their patients. As such, patients who have in any manner suffered from any adverse effect of a dental intervention such as injuries might seek legal solutions.

There are several cases which could prove a dental malpractice and which could form the basis of a claim. For example, wrongfully administered anesthesia or injuries resulting from an anesthesia might be one of them. Another case might be infections caused by poorly sterilized equipment or a proven failure in timely diagnosis and treatment of a diseases might also constitute as a valid basis for a claim. In other situations, any unexplained and implausible delay in the administration of treatment, an error in diagnosis or an unnecessary tooth extraction might also be considered as a dental malpractice case.

Victims of such malpractices might seek legal guidance from a malpractice attorney who would be able to determine whether there is enough reason to file a complaint. The malpractice lawyer would assess the case and defend the client when the need be.

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