Coping with Dental Injuries

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A 2012 study by the King’s College Dental Institute has demonstrated that each year around 1% of the total implant procedures performed by dentists have resulted in implant nerve injury. An implant procedure is generally carried out whenever a person has lost teeth from an injury or a disease. The procedure is done through the insertion of an artificial tooth to the cavity formed in the jaw.

The same study has determined that in some cases patients were not given adequate care before and after the procedure. Essential follow-ups post such a surgery were found to be inadequate and were unable to diagnose any nerve damage. In some instances, the patients who have suffered from injuries were not provided with due caution and warnings regarding the risks involved. These injuries had adverse impacts on the lives of the patients. Some discomforts involved numbness to the jaw and constant pains in the mouth. These pains even led to psychological issues such as depression and addiction to painkillers.

Patients victim of such dental malpractices have the option of seeking the legal advice and guidance of dental lawyers. Attorneys dental would be able to study the case in its individuality to determine whether the surgeon was at fault and to find out what would be the most appropriate procedure to adopt. is a provider of legal services assisting clients in legal procedures involving medical malpractices such as a dental implant nerve injury.