Want to Find Abundance? Then Feel Abundant


Abundance Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself or think that your current situation in life is the result of fate. How many times have you experienced a setback in your life and thought “well, this is just the sort of thing that always happens to me?” It’s a natural reaction but also one that can perpetuate a cycle of “bad luck” and unhappiness. It turns out that people who believe that bad things will happen to them typically will have bad things happen to them — over and over again.

This is the case because of the Law of Attraction. The Universe responds to positive and negative vibrations that we send out through our thoughts and emotional state. If we are feeling put upon or that the world is out to get us, what we are really doing is creating an invitation for the Universe to present us with negative situations. It’s like standing in the rainstorm holding a metal pole — eventually you will attract a lightning strike.

So how do we go about reversing this situation? One of the secrets to gaining abundance is to feel abundant. This means that you create the feeling of having abundance and send out the vibrations that you would naturally if you were in this situation. The Universe doesn’t know if you actually are abundant to just sending off the vibrations of being abundant. Being in the right frame of mind essentially “tricks” the Universe into sending you abundance because it thinks you deserve it.

Dr. Eric Amidi is a best-selling author and expert in helping people use the Law of Attraction to find abundance. Eric Amidi bases his teachings on his research as a scientist who helped to discover the Top Quark.