Top Reasons to Live in an Assisted Living Facility

Today’s seniors are much more in tune with life after retirement than previous generations. They’re an independent bunch that wants control over their destiny right up to the very end. They are not afraid of hard work yet they know they’ve already spent a lifetime working hard and deserve a great, amazing retirement.

Those are just a few of the reasons why assisted living facilities are so popular today. They offer the senior a lovely place to live with all the services they need to feel safe, secure and comfortable. Let’s look at some other top reasons to live in an assisted facility.

Recreational opportunities: You can meet new people, play games, work on jigsaw puzzles or watch a good movie. There are usually gyms and swimming pools as well.

Communal gardens: If you enjoy gardening, then getting together with others who love it will be fun and relaxing. Grow tomatoes, zinnias, squash, melons or whatever your heart desires.

Book clubs: Meet friends who enjoy reading. Discuss your favorite books. Challenge each other to read a certain amount each day.

Assistance on your terms: You can get the help you need when you need it. Whether you need to see a nurse or get transportation to the doctor’s office, you get the assistance you need when and how you need it. You can feel safe and secure about the future.

Safety and security: Your living area can be equipped with ramps and flat thresholds so it’s easy and safe to get around. The bathtub can have grab bars and raised toilets. The hallways usually have railings. You can feel safe and protected from dangerous falling accidents.

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