The Best Peanut Butter for Body Builders

Posted by: Whey Supplements

Whether you like it creamy, crunchy, or in between, peanut butter has always been a staple food for athletes and body builders. And there are many reasons why. It’s packed with healthy fat, magnesium, niacin, and vitamin E — all friends of body builders. But you need to know which kind of peanut butter to eat to get the benefits. The wrong kind can jeopardize your body-building efforts. Learn how this wonder food can help your physique.

The right kind of peanut butter can be very beneficial to your health. It has healthy monounsaturated fat, touted for its fat-melting and testosterone raising benefits. Peanut butter is also packed with magnesium, an important blood sugar regulating mineral. This delicious nut butter also includes niacin and vitamin E; Niacin helps stimulate growth hormones, while vitamin E goes to work repairing muscles. So, what’s the problem with peanut butter you ask?

The problem stems from two hidden ingredients: trans fat and sugar. Many commercial brands of peanut butter are loaded with hydrogenated oil (trans fat) in order to extend shelf-life and avoid oil separation. However, as we all know, trans fat is unhealthy for our bodies.

If you love your peanut butter, purchase natural brands without sugar or trans fat. Skip low fat peanut butter, because these brands still feature unhealthy added sugars.