Tame your gas

Article written by Coleanse Diet.

Excessive gas in your stomach could come in a form of burping, bloating, belching, and even as flatulence. Belching and burping are where gas is escaped from your mouth. Intestinal gas commonly known as farting or flatulence is exiting from your rectum. On the other hand bloating is a feeling that you get in your stomach without emitting any gas. Knowingly or unknowingly we pass gas at least 14 times or more within a day. But if you have excessive and fowl smelling gas, this condition will require your attention.

In order to control gas, avoid food known to cause gas including broccoli, Brussel sprouts, onion, certain fruits, whole grain, milk, cheese, and any combination of these. Drinking water before a meal may help you to limit gas. Some get gas due to eating quickly and slowing down your eating habits may help. Keeping your colon working at its optimum with the help of a proven natural cleanser such as Coleanse Pills may provide help to ease excessive gas.

Excessive gas can be caused by food and other food habits. Keeping your colon working properly with the help of a proven supplement such as Coleanse may help to ease excessive gas.