Office Comfort: Three Ideas to Help With Chronic Back Pain

Office work is hard, cerebral work to have to repeat day in and day out. Sitting takes an especially harsh toll on our bodies, especially our spines, which can add to stress and make aging only more difficult. Unfortunately, many of us work jobs that involve computers. If you’re one of these intrepid workers, take steps now to guard your spine.

Basic Tips on Posture

When you sit, sit with your back straight and place both of your feet flat on the floor. You should tilt your chin to be level with your shoulders and breathe deeply. Place your arms and wrists on the same level surface wherever possible as you type. Try not to bend or exert pressure on the wrists as you type. This position may feel straining after a while, which is why you should practice core exercises to try and strengthen your lower back.

Extra Cushions

Extra seat cushions can be used to give more support to your thighs and lower back. Smaller businesses sometimes cut costs on office equipment, so your office chair probably doesn’t have the kind of support you need. If your boss is unlikely to buy new chairs, for whatever reason, a quick fix is to have a cushion custom cut. Memory foam or celled foam would both work, as both foams compress under body weight and stiffen to support.

Lumbar Support

If we sit for too long, we develop a tendency to slouch forward. This causes the lower back to jut outward, which strains the muscles and the spine. Seat backs placed at the small of the back can provide some additional support that helps to elevate the spine and maintain the proper inward curve.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for The Foam Factory, which specializes in die-cut foam products that include memory foam and foam inserts.