Lose Weight by Losing Soda

Written by Paleo Forever

If you’re like most people these days, you don’t go 24 hours without your favorite brand of soda. This is a natural occurrence thanks to how cheap soda is, how great it tastes and how it provides a nice little pick me up with a solid offering of caffeine. Unfortunately, soda is packed with all kinds of other ingredients that are sure to leave you overweight and unhappy.

For one thing, soda is packed with sugar. We’ll get to the diet versions in a moment, but the normal versions are packed with sugar which is not good for you. Unless you plan on burning it all immediately, your body will be storing it as far. Furthermore, that sugar comes without fiber (which it would usually be paired with in its natural form), so it will immediately send your blood sugar through the roof, signaling to your body that it’s time to store fat.

Now, some of you may drink the diet version of your favorite soda and thus think you’re in the clear. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. For one thing, the science on artificial sweeteners isn’t settled and it could be causing you all kinds of harm.

Secondly, artificial sweeteners may do their job a little too well. That is, they may be so sweet that your brain can’t tell the difference. When it tastes all that sweetness, it assumes more food is on the way and increases your appetite. So your diet soda could actually be the source of your overeating.

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