Lap Band Adjustments

Like any surgery, weight-loss surgery may come with a price. The Lap Band System, a surgery currently rising in popularity, is minimally-invasive and reversible. But even then, the lap band surgery could come with problems of its own.

Most importantly, if you think you may have a lap band complication, you should see your doctor right away. Complications include malnutrition, pain, or vomiting. These problems can be solved with a simple adjustment, or a complete revision of surgery.

Lap band adjustments, or “fills”, usually happen when weight loss is too rapid or too slow. This can be determined on one of your follow-up visits. The adjustment is done by injecting or extracting saline solution from the band through the portal that lies just below the skin’s surface. This is quick and easy and should cause little or no pain.

However, lap band revision may be necessary if the band slips or the device is poorly positioned in the original surgery. In this case, a patient may have to go through with another surgery to ensure that the band is safely in place. This will prevent further complications, and identify new ones if they are present.

One should always be informed when considering any major surgery. To learn more about the risks (and benefits) of the Lap Band surgery, visit